Butadiene rubber is used for the production of rubber compounds in the manufacture of car tires and various rubber technical products. To its low polydispersity and glass transition temperature, it is preferred for tires with low rolling resistance.

The butadiene rubber is received in the polymerisation process in a solution based on a neodymium catalyst. It contains ca. 97 % of cis structure. It contains no plasticizer and is stabilised with a nonstaining anti-oxidant.

Together with launch of the SSBR unit, Synthos started production of lithium polybutadiene rubbers (LiBR). These products can be applied for production of tires, different rubber articles and plastics modifications

Butadiene rubber produced by SYNTHOS is sold under the trade name SYNTECA®. The production plant is located in Kralupy in the Czech Republic.



  • Types
TypeAntioxidantCatalystMooney viscosity (MU)Cis structure content (%)Technical Data Sheet
SYNTECA® 44NonstainingNeodymium4497plik
SYNTECA® 63NonstainingNeodymium6397plik
SYNTECA® 50LNonstainingLithium5038plik
SYNTECA® 50LPNonstainingLithium5038plik


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styrene-butadiene ESBR


solution styrene-butadiene


high – styrene HSR




nitrile butadiene NBR

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