Nitrile (acrylonitrile-butadiene) rubbers are produced by a technology of cold emulsion copolymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile, and coagulated by a system of acid and synthetic coagulant, stabilized by non-staining antioxidant.

Nitrile rubbers are appropriate for production of technical articles resistant to oils and liquid fuels. They contain a nonstaining stabilizer and so can be used for production of goods in light colors.

Nitrile rubbers KER® does not contain any components excluding usage of KER® for production of articles coming into contact with foodstuffs.

Nitrile rubbers offered by company Synthos are sold under trade mark KER® and are produced by Synthos Dwory 7 sp. z o.o spółka jawna located in Poland.


  • Types
GradeAntioxidantMooney viscosity (ML)Bonded acrylonitrile content (%)
KER® N-18Non-staining5018.0
KER® N-29Non-staining5029.0
KER® N-33Non-staining5033.0