The production process of the new solution styrene-butadiene rubber is based on anionic co-polymerization of butadiene and styrene in a hydrocarbon solvent, in the presence of a lithium catalyst.

We manufacture rubbers with varying Mooney viscosity, bound styrene and vinyl structure content, oil-extended and dry. For the production of oiled types of SSBR, we use plasticizing oils with low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content of TDAE types or heavy naphthenic oil. Dry types can be used also for the production of various technical rubber products. This technology also allows us to manufacture butadiene rubber with low cis-structure content and SSBR with semi-block structure, mainly for purposes other than tire production.

All rubbers are stabilized with a non-staining anti-oxidant.

All Synthos SSBR rubbers are offered under SYNTION® trademark

The main application are rubber compounds filled with carbon black or/and with silica and used for production of tire treads

Thanks to the optimized structure of the SYNTION® rubbers and their low polydispersity, it is possible to manufacture tires with low rolling resistance and an increased grip on wet surfaces.

Dry grades can be used for production of different rubber articles and technical products.



  • Types
Rubber GradeExtender oil typeMooney Viscosity (MU) [%]Content of Bonded Styrene (%)Vinyl structure content (%)Extender oil content (%)Technical Data Sheet
Syntion® 2150X4 * 6521.050.0-plik
Syntion® 1810-7018.510.0-plik
Syntion® 1815-4818.515.0-plik
Syntion® 2552TDAE5225.050.027.0plik
Syntion® 2645TDAE5626.044.527.0plik
Syntion® 3041HVN5530.041.527.0plik
Syntion® 3323HVN6033.023.027.0plik
Syntion® 3324TDAE6033.023.027.0plik


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